The Quality Of Hair: How We Choose The Right Hair

The Quality Of Hair: How We Choose The Right Hair

Jennifer Helder
May 21, 2024

It might surprise you to learn not all hair extensions use the same quality of hair. I’m here to give you the details on how we choose our hair, why we choose it, and the info about other types of hair we don’t use both good and bad. Let’s not fall for misinformation or settle for low-quality hair that won’t last.

Finding a hair supplier is like finding a favourite brand of bras. Certain criteria needs to be met, and who’s to say the same quality they have now will be constant even a year later? I have standards when it comes to the hair we use at Hairline Divine, my mandatory requirements are that the hair must be cuticle-intact, Remy, and non-synthetic, European/Russian human hair. This ensures a baseline of quality hair which allows me to focus on things like colour consistency and overall health of the hair.

The Hair We Use

The hair we use at Hairline Divine is cuticle-intact, Remy, European/Russian human hair. Cuticle-intact means the outermost layer of the hair shaft, called the cuticle, is preserved. The cuticle acts as a protective layer for the hair shaft and helps maintain its strength, shine, and overall health. Remy indicates the cuticles are not only intact but aligned in one direction promoting smoother, and tangle-free hair compared to non-Remy hair (think of non-remy as though your hair is getting tangled in velcro every 3 mins- YIKES). European/Russian hair is known for its fine and soft hair textures, it’s generally less processed and comes in a variety of natural colours and textures, which makes it a premium option. We aim for our hair suppliers to maintain consistent and reliable hair texture, colour, and quality. They achieve this by treating all their hair before shipping it out. These factors result in the hair extensions sometimes acting as dyed/treated natural hair but with European/Russian hair our suppliers can keep these treatments to a minimum.

The Hair We Dont Use


We do not use synthetic hair. Synthetic hair is definitely the budget-friendly option but the drawbacks that come with it are why we choose to pass on using it wherever possible. For starters synthetic hair typically cannot withstand high temperatures, so using straighteners or curling irons can melt or at least severely damage the fibres. And if that’s not enough reason to think twice, the fibres tend to have a shinier, plastic-like appearance, which can be noticeable, especially in direct light. They don’t typically last as long as human hair extensions, becoming tangled, matted, or frizzy quickly. And finally, some people might even experience allergic reactions to the materials used in synthetic fibres. The list of cons, at least for us, outweighs the benefits. And because we strive for the best quality, we promote the use of real human hair over synthetic hair every day.

Non-Remy Hair

In non-Remy hair, the cuticles may be stripped or not aligned in the same direction. This, in my opinion, is robbing the benefits of using real human hair. It causes more tangling, matting, and a less natural look when compared to Remy hair. Not to mention non-Remy hair is often treated with silicone to improve its look and feel, and when this coating wears off, it leads to my previously stated issues of tangling, matting and a less natural look.

Final Thoughts

At Hairline Divine, choosing the right hair supplier goes beyond just how the hair looks. It’s about a deep commitment to exceptional quality. We exclusively use cuticle-intact, Remy, non-synthetic, European/Russian human hair because we aim not just to meet our high standards, but to exceed them, ensuring that our clients get the absolute best. This commitment is at the heart of everything we do, allowing us to provide hair extensions that consistently maintain their beautiful texture, vibrant colour, and overall health—without ever settling for the compromises that come with synthetic or lower-quality options. For us, it’s all about making sure our clients feel as good as they look, with hair that’s as outstanding and reliable as they are.

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