Hairline Divine: What to Expect Coming to Hairline Divine

Hairline Divine: What to Expect Coming to Hairline Divine

Jennifer Helder
May 21, 2024

Let’s make your first visit amazing! Here is our complete walkthrough of our Consultation appointment from parking all the way to what we talk about. If you’re like me, you want to be prepared and that’s exactly what this article is for.

The Consultation

We like to keep things casual and relaxed, our consultation is primarily to meet each other and discuss your hair goals. We work together to find out what length would be best for you and match your hair colour to perfectly blend your colour, whether you have highlights, lowlights, balayage, or fashion colours. After that, we can calculate your final quote and get you booked in for your installation!

This is the perfect time to ask questions, don’t be shy! We love answering your questions and this meeting is for you to get to know us and learn all you can.

Parking & Location

We share our building with a Farm Boy at, 5249 Dundas St West Toronto. You have two options for parking, either paid underground parking or using a free public lot across the street.

Underground/Paid Parking

We have onsite underground parking that is accessible through the back of the building, the first 2 floors are public parking BUT you will need to pay for parking using either the machines found around the garage but we find it easiest to use the QR Code that is provided in the parking area so you can download their app on your phone and pay that way using a credit card. While you are in the garage phone reception is very poor so you can wait to come up before using the app.

Across The Street/Free Parking

Directly across from our building is Six Points Plaza which has a Starbucks and Shoppers Drug Mart with a public parking lot. You can park there and walk across the street, our lobby is to the left of the building between the two apartments on Viking Lane.

Buzzing Up

Whether you’re in the parking garage or you enter through the main lobby you will find an intercom system for calling up. Since this is a home studio we’ll email you the details of buzzing up including the directory to call and apartment number.

Our Studio

Hairline Divine is a beautiful open-concept, in-home suite with an amazing view. We keep things neat and tidy with a good cleaning before & after each appointment ensuring your, and our, safety.

The Girls

We have a power team of three girls at the moment. Jennifer, Brittany, and Kenedie. You’ll most likely be meeting with Jenn for your consultation but one of the other girls could be there working on an install or maintenance appointment.

Our Helpers

We have a 24/7 team of little helpers. Wally, our elderly bunny; Hershey, our tazmainian devil bunny; Mika, the very relaxed cat; and of course, Dave, a timid husband who seems to live in his office while working from home.


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