Nano Bead Hair Extensions: Our Top Choice Extension Method

Nano Bead Hair Extensions: Our Top Choice Extension Method

Jennifer Helder
May 21, 2024

Nano Bead (or Nano Link) Hair Extensions are lightweight, flexible and diverse! Meaning that you can put your hair up easily and style it in many different ways without seeing any tapes or tracks. All this, while being designed to be as gentle as possible to your natural hair. Nanos are our ‘no-brainer’ top choice for long-term extensions!

Nano Bead Hair Extensions, also known as Nano Link Extensions, refers to the practice of installing hair extensions with what is called a nano-bead and is our top choice of extension method. These little guys prove themselves time and time again to be the safest, most discrete, and most versatile extension we’ve worked with. This article is not going to compare them to other methods but shine a well-deserved spotlight on them showcasing what they are and where they came from.

The Nano Bead

Before we dive into all the details about nano-beads let’s quickly outline why Hairline Divine chooses to use them.

  • Nano beads are significantly smaller than other beads, making them less visible in the hair.
  • The smaller size of the beads makes nano bead extensions more comfortable to wear.
  • Because of their size, it is possible to style your hair in more ways without them being visible.
  • Nano bead hair extensions are generally considered to be less damaging to your natural hair.
  • There is no need for glues or adhesives eliminating the need for harsh, damaging chemicals.

What Are They

The Nano beads are looped through a wire into your natural hair, where we then insert the metal tip of the Nano Hair Extension into the bead and then the bead is secured down. The 2mm beads are either aluminium or copper alloys that are sometimes lined with silicone, which holds your natural hair and the extension together without the need for glues and adhesives. Silicone-lined beads although are known to increase the chance of slippage and don’t allow for the preferred amount of natural hair though for a sustainable section, resulting in slightly less support for the extension strands and a higher amount of bundles needed for an install. They do however offer more protection for your natural hair and are a great choice, especially for newer extension specialists.

Where Did They Come From

The nano bead method likely developed from the earlier technique that used micro beads. As technology and methods for hair extensions progressed, the beads became smaller and more refined bringing us nano beads, which are 90% smaller than micro beads, offering us a more seamless look in hair extensions. Because these beads are so lightweight, discrete, and less damaging they were quickly adopted across the beauty and hair industry and widely used within the thinning hair or hair loss niche.

Are They Going Anywhere

As of right now, they are growing to be one of the most widely used bead-extension methods and don’t appear to have any real competition. As they are still relatively very new to North America, it is very difficult to find someone in the USA to service or even provide this method altogether. However, they are BOOMING in Canada, the UK and Australia. Although, as the invention of nano-beads themselves has taught us, this industry is all about adapting and evolving to safer and more discrete methods.

Final Thoughts

In wrapping up, it’s clear why we at Hairline Divine are such big fans of Nano Bead Hair Extensions. These tiny but mighty beads really do make a world of difference, offering comfort, versatility, and a natural look that’s hard to beat. We choose nano beads not just for their size but for their gentle touch on your natural hair, keeping it healthy and strong.

As the hair extension world continues to evolve, so will we by testing and learning all the different and emerging methods. Until we find something that is genuinely superior or equivalent to nano-beads, we will continue offering them as our top choice.

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