About Hairline Divine

Our Divine Mission

We strive to be Toronto’s best hair extension experts, period.
We aim to be the top-choice for services, training, and supply, and we're on our way there!

Top-Choice Services Goal

We use Nano Hair extensions because that’s our top choice. We don’t ignore the other extensions, we learn and train with them all. Lately, there has been a demand for Weft extensions and we’re looking forward to delivering this services to girls who request it. Like any other extension, once we’ve worked with them and it’s an extension our team believes in, we will add it to our roster.

Top-Choice Training Goal

Jenn broke ground in 2023 by releasing her training programs. Since then our team has been hard at work, constantly improving and revising the content with one collective goal; To make the best damn courses available for the hair extension industry. Her plan is to release a completely revised Master Class with video content by the end of this year.

Top-Choice Supplies Goal

We’ve been quite about this one because it is still a bit of time away. Jenn has been reaching out and sourcing suppliers for high quality hair and not settling for anything less, but she’s not stopping there. She’s on a mission to find the best overseas suppliers for everything from hair to training kits, to tools and she plans to share them with her community.
Community Vote Winner for best Hair Extensions

Community Vote Platinum Winner

Voted Etobicoke’s Best Hair Extensions

Community Vote Winner for best Hair Extensions
“ I was so happy to hear that we not only placed Platinum for Hair Extensions but we also place Gold in Hair Salons. I can’t thank our loving customers enough and I’m excited to see how we do in 2024 after all the hard work myself and all the people helping me are putting into making Hairline Divine even better! “
2023 Platinum Winner in Hair Extensions
2023 Gold Winner in Hair Salons

Meet the girls in charge

We are a woman ran business, built on supporting each other and growing together.
Hair extensionist and trainer Jennifer Helder

Jennifer Helder

Owner, Head Educator & Extensionist
You'll see Jenn when you book consultations and new Installation appointments. Each install is different, and Jenn knows how to customize each appointment for a seamless look.
Hair extensionist Kenedie

Kenedie Sykes

Nano Extensionist
Kenedie is the maintenance QUEEN. She takes the time to listen to her clients to ensure that everyone leaves feeling like they made a new best friend. She takes her time to ensure the quality of her work and the comfort of the installation for the client.
Hair extensionist Brittany

Brittany Cave

Nano & Weft Extensionist
Brittany has a diverse skill set with multiple methods of hair extensions. She has a passion for providing quality installs and takes the time to perform each appointment perfectly.

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*Our workspace is an in-home suite.
Please come solo, or give a heads up if you need to bring a +1 so we can make accommodations.

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